Buddha Temple Ba Nam Hai – Thing to Do in Bac Lieu
Buddha Temple Ba Nam Hai – Thing to Do in Bac Lieu

Nam Hai Buddha – Quan Am Phat Dai is a spiritual tourist destination with the colors of Buddhist culture, not only people Indigenous people that tourists from all over the world also come to visit and worship.  Traveling to Bac Lieu, visitors will hear about the legend of Bodhisattva Guan Yin (known as Nam Hai Mother) and understand more strange things as well as the sacredness of Quan The Am.

By Thomas Vietnam at vemekong.com | Official Bac Lieu Visitor Guide

1. Better to Know as a Tourist

Ticket: Free

Spend-time: One and a half hour (approx)

Hours: Dawn – dusk 

Food: Yes      

Shop: Yes

Parking lot: Yes

Blog: https://vemekong.com/buddha-temple-ba-nam-hai-bac-lieu/

Address: Located in the West Bank Hamlet, Nha Mat Ward, 8 km from Bac Lieu City (facing the East Sea)

Added values: The statue of Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara serves the religious needs of a large number of compatriots and mariners in the area and is a lighthouse for offshore fishing boats.  In the life of the people here, especially the fishermen who live by seafaring, Mother Quan The Am – Nam Hai’s mother is the one who always listens to the uncertainties, sufferings and protects against all the storms of peoples’ life both onshore and at sea.  The reverence and reverence of the indigenous people and Buddhists near and far are increasingly permeated in all living situations and that is a firm and sacred belief in their lives.  The inspiration of Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara became the inspiration for countless miracle stories with the image of a mother holding a jar of nectar to save sentient beings, planting in the hearts of children of the sea and Buddhists near and far of salvation, boundless compassion.

Nearby attractions and hidden gems: Looking for places to stop on your way to and from Buddha Temple Ba Nam Hai? Ghositaram pagoda (15 km), Xiem Can Pagoda (11 km), Cong Tu Bac Lieu House (11 km), Bac Lieu Bird Sanctuary (7 km), Tac Say Church (47 km), Bac Lieu market (11 km)…

2. Travel Guide to Buddha Temple Ba Nam Hai

At first, Quan Am Phat Dai in Bac Lieu was a simple thatched house to worship Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara.  It is located in a small coastal area, surrounded by mud and mangrove forests.  Legend has it that this temple was established to pray for the safety of seafarers.  May the Buddha bless the people fishing far from the shore to return home safely.

In 1973, Venerable Thich Tri Duc came here, realized the sacredness of this place, so he built it into a more spacious temple.  The Venerable Master built an 11m high Quan The Am Bo Tat (Not counting the statue’s pedestal) with a view of the sea.  The statue was built in 2 years and completed in 1975.

At the time of construction, the Nam Hai Buddha statue was placed close to the sea; Every time the tide rises, the sea water overflows, sometimes flooding the base.  Over the years, due to the accretion of nature; The location of the monument is now located nearly a kilometer from the sea. The statue of Quan Am with soft, holy, and benevolent features gives visitors a warm and peaceful feeling when admired.  Standing in front of the statue of Buddha burning incense and sincerely praying for good things for their families and relatives, visitors will find their souls at peace, serenity, all worries and sorrows like disappearing.

In 2004, the local government granted permission to expand the temple further.  People from all over the world come to visit Nam Hai’s mother temple and have donated money to expand the temple further. In 2005, the works were constructed in turn, including: Tam Quan gate, Thien Thu Thien Nhan temple, and Dia Tang temple.  and some side projects.

Quan Am Phat Dai has a spacious and airy space with sea breeze blowing in.  Stepping through the three-way gate is the gate of heaven, followed by the majestic Hang Long – Phuc Ho screen.  Adjacent to the screen is a large hall with a banner up to 49 meters high.  From here, visitors can see the statue of Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara sitting on a lotus, flanked by Thien Phu and Dia Tang temples. In front of the ceremony yard is a screen of Phuc Ho and 32 incarnations of Bodhisattvas.  All harmonize to create a majestic and dignified cultural space.

Quan Am Palace is a large row of houses located to the left of the statue of Buddha, seen from the inside to the gate.  Quan Am Palace was built in the architectural style of ancient Vietnamese pagodas. To the right of the Nam Hai Buddha statue, also in the direction of the view from the inside to the gate is the Dia Tang Palace.

Prominent here is Quan Am mountain built in front of the statue of Buddha which is facing the sea.  Quan Am Mountain is a bold Buddhist architectural work.  In the heart of the mountain is a great hall, recreating the history of the Buddha preaching the Dharma Flower Sutra at Mount Ky-sa-quat (India).

3. What to Do –See – Eat at Buddha Temple Ba Nam Hai

On the 22nd, 23rd and 24th day of the third lunar month every year; This place is often used to organize the Quan Am Nam Hai festival.  This is one of the biggest Buddhist festivals of Bac Lieu province. With unique cultural values, the attraction from spiritual and cultural activities, the festival is considered as one of the important highlights of Bac Lieu tourism.

The festival attracts a large number of Buddhist temples, tourists, monks and nuns and people from all over the world making pilgrimages to the Bac Lieu estuary to immerse themselves in a very special spiritual and festive space such as: sermons, flower offerings, flower lights to worship Buddha, procession of Quan Am, lion dance, dragon dance, art…

Nam Hai Quan Am Festival is a festival with a strong national religious identity, but also contains many colors of Southern local culture, which has been established and developed for a long time in this land as a festival of culture, belief and folklore to meet the socio-cultural needs and spiritual life of the people.

4. Free Itineraries from VeMekong

As a local travel expert, we have some ideas for you to think about.

From Bac Lieu city center:

Route 1:

Route 2:

Route 3:

If you do not have much time left, it is easy to check out spots in one full day by boat or with bike or with motorbike and car. But there are much more than tourist sites like these in Bac Lieu. Make sure you have more time to feel and explore more about the hidden gems and the culture, food, night life, wildlife and forest as well. Top tip: Stay in a homestay nearby, so you have more chances to visit it and surroundings. If you are looking for the package Bac Lieu daily tour with local, you can contact www.vemekong.com or Hotline/WhatsApp/WeChat/Zalo +84939888559; email: hello@vemekong.com

5. Google Maps of Buddha Temple Ba Nam Hai

Google Maps made a name for itself helping people travel from one place to another, avoid traffic (You probably know the route from your hotel to the gas station by heart, but what you can’t be sure about is gridlock), measure a distance, get back to the hotel on time, share the location… 

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6. Visit Buddha Temple Ba Nam Hai by yourself

Solo traveller? Travelling on your own means you will get out of any difficult situations by yourself. This, in turn, leads to more satisfying travel experiences and helps you improve your problem-solving skills. These days we rarely get the chance to sit with ourselves and simply be. That’s why you should consider the time you spend alone on your trip as a gift.

It is possible for solo travellers to use google maps and do it alone. But sometimes they need to update local maintained roads and bridges which close and lead you a longer road than the road from Google maps. It is just about the time. It takes more time to find the correct garden to come. Adventure is always fun. Wifi is strong in Bac Lieu village! The locals find it hard to speak English as well. Top tip: Sticking to one canal and keeping going along it which gives you more things to see and avoids getting lost. Contact vemekong.com to hire a car, scooter with English-speaking-guide or cycling tours in Bac Lieu.

7. Responsible Travel and Advice Buddha Temple Ba Nam Hai

Don’t get us wrong. But we assure you that you totally agree with us. “Do not give candy and things to the children when you plan to visit any local villages”, the kids will leave the school and follow the sweets and later they find some things to give you or sell to you. The garden is a little forest, don’t pick and touch the flowers or fruits without the local’s smiles. We deal with traveling green and leaving green behind, not plastic. Top tip: Vemekong.com are some of the companies that care a lot about responsible travel and local respectation.

8. Amazing Video flycam/drone of Buddha Temple Ba Nam Hai (4k) 

If a picture says a thousand words, it stands to reason that the video says many times more. 

9. Incredible Tips for Photography, Specialists, KOLs, Media and Influencers 

To get the best of the best for your unique writing, featuring, photo, video and insider’s stories. We do recommend you to have a local travel expert, the one who always gets more ground information and makes sure every single element is solved perfectly. The Vemekong (very exclusive Mekong) team is your priority choice. Email and have a private talk with them to customize your journey smoothly, personal and the most ultimately amazing. You can contact www.vemekong.com or Hotline/WhatsApp/WeChat/Zalo +84939888559; email: hello@vemekong.com

10. Pro Tips 

You can stay in a homestay which is near the riverside, this will help you out the best option. Then you can hire a scooter, car or bike and explore it by yourself and I hope you have an amazing Mekong Delta river sunrise.

If you plan to extend your travel to Bac Lieu homestay, do not forget to bring mosquito repellent cream.

Visit Bac Lieu or do any customized tours, please choose reputable providers with boat trips equipped with lifebuoys, jackets, motorcycle and cycling tours with the helmets and. Safety is a priority! Choose Bac Lieu responsible tours which help you give back while traveling. It’s a cliché, but it’s true.

Bac Lieu food & drink guide ranges from street food, authentic, fancy to fusion foods. As a tropical land of many fresh vegetables and homegrown gardens, which always make Bac Lieu cuisines fresh, close to nature and very traditional. If you are a food lover, don’t hesitate to put other bites onto your food lists such as Bun bo cay (Spicy beef noodle soup), Three-striped crab (Freshwater crab in Bac Lieu), Banh cu cai (White radish pies), Banh tam bi Bac Lieu (Bac Lieu thick noodles & creamy coconut milk), Pho Ngheu, Bon Bon Pickles

Bring your hat, sunglasses, and sunblock, scarf to wear when visiting temples, pagodas, and the cathedral.

Bring the raincoat if you’re planning a trip to Bac Lieu in the rainy season, as Bac Lieu always looks fantastic in the full rain and full sun.

Bac Lieu tourist attractions are magnificent itself, but if you have enough time, don’t forget to put other places onto your bucket lists such as Bac Lieu Bird SanctuaryBac Lieu Salt FarmBuddha Temple Ba Nam HaiCong Tu Bac Lieu HouseGhositaram Pagoda in Bac Lieu, Bac Lieu Wind FarmAncient Longan OrchardsVinh Hung Ancient TempleXiem Can Pagoda Bac Lieu, Cao Van Lau Theater (Conical Hat Non La Theater), Tac Say ChurchCao Van Lau Musician Memorial Site, Nha Mat amusement park, Bac Lieu Beach and mangrove forests, Phuoc Duc Ancient Temple and Dia Mau Cung (Ba Pagoda)Bac Lieu MarketHung Vuong Square in Bac Lieu

Hopefully, the above tips will help you to come up with a great plan for your adventure in Bac Lieu province, Mekong Delta, Vietnam. Have a safe trip!

“Sleep less, travel more, respect more” – Thomas Vietnam – Local travel expert.

Thank you

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