Vemekong is another brand of Can Tho River Tour Co., Ltd (Int. Tour Operating License: 91-005/Issued by: Ministry of Tourism Vietnam) set up by a group of passionate Can Tho locals.

Vemekong means “Very exclusive Mekong” which we strongly want to unlock the Mekong secrets for our all international friends and travellers.


Xin chào! I am Thomas. My story begins on those first days when I became a tourism student at Can Tho University in 2006. At that time, I understood profoundly the values of discovery tourism and especially community-based tourism with responsible travel. So I strongly wanted to popularize extraordinary things of my homeland – Mekong Delta – to you through interesting, unique, and eco experiences. My will has been nurtured and sharpened through four-year university lifetime and ten-year experiences in working with international tourists in a great and professional environment.

I founded Vemekong in the beginning of October 2020. Our tours offer visitors travel farther and further to reach the non-variant floating markets, the countryside with villages of abundant orchards, boundless rice fields, original local foods, wildlife and forest, ethnic groups, untouched Mekong Delta and more.

I am always proud of Vemekong, which is the first tourism agency in Mekong Delta region being well-known with its dignity, quality and responsibility for a sustainable development of communities and tourists.

Vemekong is looking forward to welcoming explorers and willing to serve all of you during your staying in Mekong Delta to bring you joy, pleasure and always satisfy visitors 100% plus – before the tour, during the tour, after the tour, and the next tour in a responsible and respective way.

Cảm ơn và sẵn lòng!!

Thank you & warm welcome!!

Vemekong Team

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Can Tho Gondola Ride with Sampan
November 27, 2020
Can Tho Gondola Ride with Sampan

Taking a rowing sampan in Can Tho is so much pleasure and authentic experience for Mekong Delta trip. This ride is considered as “getting in maze of Mekong canals and hidden villages in Can Tho”. It is even on the same way to unlock both Cai Rang and Phong Dien floaitng market.