Son Islet – Sustainable Can Tho Tour
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  • Can Tho, Binh Thuy, Con Son
  • By Vemekong
02:00 PM – 06:00 PM 08:00 AM – 12:00 PM Boat, Walking, Car/Taxi Up to 10pax Con Son Islet, Can Tho English speaking guide Veggie-friendly

Son Islet – Community-based tourism in Can Tho city. Because of the pristine beauty and isolated islet, dense countryside scenery, year-round orchards, gentle people, yummy traditional home-made folk cakes, fish ponds and islet fish farms all make Son islet like a miniature Can Tho space in the past.

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Understand the importance of sustainable tourism Contribute directly to cultural conservation Boost the Son people’s living standards Get a deeper connection with the community Receive authentic cultural experiences
  • Pick-up
    02:00 PM (or 08:00 AM), your personal guide and driver will pick you up from your hotel and transfer to the Binh Thuy for Con Son islet community-based tourism.
  • Can Tho floating fish farm
    To begin Con Son islet tour, nothing can be as great as taking a boat sightseeing Can Tho Floating fish farm on Hau river. The river reflects the ups and downs of the fish farming village which has long been famous in the area. The locals made their floating house in the river for both living and fishing. Take a boat trip and go along the river, you see how the floating life happens and how the locals take care of their fish farm. Visitors can take leisure time to interact with the fisherman to learn about different interesting colorful freshwater fish and unlock the secrets of the river habitats on the Mekong river as well.
  • Con Son fruit garden
    Visit the Con Son fruit garden where the fruit-picking experience is, you will enter the garden with the Con Son people to visit the garden and eat fruit in the garden. But not the type of climbing freely picking and eating. But Con Son still gives you a feeling of picking the fruits (seasonal) and eaten fruits (rambutans, guava, rose apple…) right in the gardens.
  • The Flying Snakehead Fish Show
    Get to another local house for the Flying Snakehead Fish show. On Son islet, snakehead fish are very interesting, the locals can train them to fly high, beautiful, and simultaneously to grab the bait, but it takes a lot of practice.
  • Homemade traditional cakes
    Visit one more local house for the homemade traditional cakes. Join hands with the locals to make cakes (sometimes) and enjoy the typical local family in the Can Tho traditional house and garden.
  • Back to the mainland
    Take the boat trip from Son islet to the mainland.
  • Back to hotel
    06:00 PM (or 12 at noon), our car/taxi will transfer you back to the hotel. End the Can Tho community-based tourism fun and educational tour.
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